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Variety Meal Bucket

Tasty meals with lots of variety, great for your long-term stockpile or next camping trip

  • Great value for price
  • Unexpectedly good taste
  • Preps in minutes w/ hot water
  • Long-lasting (30 years+)
  • Easily stackable buckets
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My Variety Meal Bucket in Action

You are one of the lucky ones. You prepared for the worst and it paid off. You are hunkered down and are ready to start your ‘extended stay’. While you are thankful to be alive, there are some conveniences of before that you will miss. Watching your favorite team on TV...that won’t be happening anytime soon. Grabbing a beer at the local watering hole...not likely. But you knew things would change. Slowly you realize that it’s the simple things that make a difference. It’s great to have years of food at your fingertips, but wouldn’t a little variety be nice? It’s a good tasting meal that would brighten up almost any day, no matter what is happening outside. Thank goodness you have your Mountain House ‘Just in Case’ food bucket. With a broad assortment of quality and, of course, quick and easy to make meals, this is just the thing to spice up any bunker menu.

My Stockpile Summary

This Variety Meal Bucket is a practically prudent addition to your stockpile costing $62.23. Our team of professional preppers have given this product a rating of 4.8 out of 5 possible points. We consider it a excellent addition to the Dry Goods section of your stockpile. When SHTF you’ll be glad you planned ahead with this Variety Meal Bucket.

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