Survival Backpacks

Bugging out does not necessarily require a lot of equipment, but it requires the right equipment. When the SHTF you need to feel confident in your preparedness. Your bugout bag or survival backpack is an essential piece of this puzzle. Your bag should hold everything you need regularly. What happens if your bag is too small to accommodate your bivvy? Or perhaps, you have been hiking all day. You are hot, sweaty and feeling dizzy. You reach in your bag for your shemagh, but the bag is too large and disorganized. You end up wasting valuable time and effort. You find yourself frantically dumping everything out on the ground in order to locate the one simple item you need in order to wet and cool your body temperature down. When doomsday comes, the bag you have packed is as essential as the items inside. It should be a quality bag every prepper would be proud to carry. You are now in survival mode, and this bag is your best friend. It holds everything you need to survive. It is a tactical piece of the puzzle, and should be sturdy yet lightweight. As a survivalist, your bag should hold everything from a spork to ammo, your lifestraw to your lighters. Your bugout bag should be well organized and well stocked with all the prepping items necessary. Do not let a bag stand in the way of your ability to survive a doomsday situation, be a prepper, be prepared.

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