A prepper is all about their gear. Preppers’ gear will make or break the entire survival experience. Once you bugout, there is no time to start ordering gear and supplies. You need to have these items packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  But there is so much gear available, how does one know they have the right gear, the best tools for when the SHTF? Every prepper has the basics, a Leatherman skeletool, plenty of paracord, lantern, knives, purification means. Homesteading requires a wealth of different kits and tools for every job. Gear for camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, first-aid, food preparation. Every aspect in the decision to bug out requires its own prepping gear. Survival depends greatly on the supplies you have stockpiled, so be sure you reach the preparedness level necessary for long-term living. You need to ensure your warmth, your hydration, your safety, and your health. Every item for this cause becomes a piece of your gear.

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