Prepping for World War 3

Instability exists in almost every area of the world today. What happens if an event triggers World War III? Suppose the supervolcano at Yellowstone erupts, and the United States is suffering a crisis unparalleled in our history. Homes destroyed, lives lost, power and water companies brought to their knees. People panic and chaos begins to break out. Our enemies seize this opportunity to attack, bringing our modern superpower society to its knees. The prepper stockpile you have amassed will provide the food and water you need in this time of shortages. Nuclear attack will contaminate the supplies that exist, further bringing society towards completely crumbling. Looters, desperate people looking for food or water, or valuables they can trade for food and water, send you bugging out to the hills. Relocating to a remote area, securing your camp, and establishing the safety of the soil, water is your primary concern. World War III is not the SHTF event you thought would happen in your lifetime, major earthquakes, a nuclear plant meltdown, or something similar maybe, but never anything this extreme. Surviving in the wilderness may not be ideal, but it is safer than remaining in your home.

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