Prepping for Natural Disasters

Our environment is fickle, and often changes in the blink of an eye. One moment it is sunny and warm, the next tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are raging. Hurricanes wipe out large areas, making quick work of ripping out trees from the ground, and destroying homes and lives. A superstorm has the potential to create an EMP, which would wipe out the entire electricity grid, and along with it, our access to water pumps, the internet, cell phones, any electronic method of survival. Preppers are prepared with stockpiles of gear and tools to survive during the worst of these natural disasters. Preppers stockpile in preparation for a Yellowstone Supervolcano event. Survivalists are ready and able to manage in whatever mother nature throws at them, and more than survive, they are equipped to thrive. Food, water, gear, tools, and know how is what the prepper stockpiles. An earthquake hits and a co-worker is trapped beneath a desk with a leg injury. As a prepper, you have a first-aid kit, and the knowledge necessary, to help that person and get both of you to safety. During a nuclear disaster, a prepper has the tools to purify water for clean consumption, and food that is safe to eat. Also, masks in order to ensure clean air to breathe. No scenario exists for which the prepper has not supplied themselves with the gear needed to endure for the long-term.

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