Prepping for Man-Made Threats

Not many events are more dangerous than any type of man-made event. Nuclear attack, EMP, or World War III, are all TEOTWAWKI events. An emp would take an area, possibly the entire United States, off the electric grid for a long-term duration. Preppers are prepared with stockpiles of communications devices, such as walkie talkies, nvis, radios, and other gear that run on batteries. Along with the equipment, also necessary are power sources to run each piece of equipment for the long haul. A nuclear attack would leave our water supply, air, and ground tainted with radiation. Masks, purification tablets and kits, and tools like dosimeters allow the prepper to assess the quality of each, and clean the water so it is potable. Food supplies satiate the hunger needs of survivalists in order to maintain energy levels for the work ahead. A terrorist attack will require the prepper to be armed with weapons, like rifles, shotguns, or knives. Ammunition, sheaths, and holsters are also vital when preparing weaponry. Every aspect of maintaining and protecting life are planned out in the prepper realm. Man-made threats are often planned for years and carried out with meticulous accuracy. Survivalists are ready at a moment’s notice to thwart these threats, and the people imposing them, while maintaining a homestead and some quality of life.

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