Prepping for an EMP Attack

An electromagnetic pulse attack(emp) is among the worst catastrophes that could occur. While the impact may only impact a small area temporarily, the capacity for this doomsday event is huge. Emps would take this country off the electric grid completely, leaving us vulnerable for bigger attacks. No power, no cell phones, no gas pumps, no cash registers, no communications requiring electricity, no internet, complete vulnerability. Preppers stockpile goods for a wide range of events, but this one requires a quick action and clear-headed thinking. Imagine you are sitting at work, typing away. Suddenly the power goes out. Annoyed, everyone keeps trying to reboot computers, and asks when the outage will end. You know better. No cell phones are working, and as a prepper, you acknowledge what is really happening.You bugout from work immediately, go home, fill the bathtub with water, and assess the food supply. Informing the neighbors of what is happening, some believe you, and others think you have lost your mind. Hunkering down, the SHTF and all you can do now is wait to see what happens next. The radio is your best friend, listening to updates, and trying to garner how far spread the impact reaches. Protecting your home from looters, maintaining a food supply, and general survival is the goal now.

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