Prepping for an Earthquake

A large earthquake strikes the area, scoring a 7.0 on the richter scale. The quake is unlike any seismic event seen before in this region. Preparedness is key in surviving the aftermath of this doomsday event. Prepping for earthquakes was something you thought unnecessary, but you are glad now you prepared anyway. Assessing the gas lines, you look for signs of carbon monoxide, or gas leaks, utilizing measurement tools. As a prepper, you always have a functioning fire extinguisher handy, and now is no exception. The USGS warns of looming aftershocks, some potentially more damaging than the original quake. Occasionally, you feel feel the ground tremoring beneath your feet. Using paracord, you secure large items that could potentially fall and hurt someone. The power out, the area is now completely off the grid, and this event has the potential to become a doomsday event by threat of EMP. Your preparedness is put to the test, and survival skills inherently kick into gear. Securing your home, and your supplies, you go through your checklist to ensure all items have been covered, and you are prepared for whatever comes next.

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