Prepping for an Asteroid Impact

Doomsday believers speak of an unknown planet, Nibiru, colliding with Earth and creating the ultimate SHTF event. As a prepper, does your prepping include supplies and a plan to deal with an asteroid impact? What happens if an asteroid slams into our planet, even worse our country, and creates an EMP, or worse? Living off the grid is one thing, an asteroid eliminating access to the grid is another. Chaos, looting, horrible crimes of violence ensue from an EMP event after asteroid collision. Your sole mission becomes defending your home, your family, your stockpile from any potential attackers. Leaving home and bugging out to a remote location may be the best option, to reduce the potential for attack. While you are prepared for any emergency, there are ways to mitigate the risk of dangers. Weapons, food, water, and the proper gear will ensure your safety, and survival for the future. Preparedness is the way to make it through this doomsday event. FEMA will only provide so much assistance, and this is every man for himself. An asteroid poses the risk of entire social collapse in this country.

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