Prepping for a Yellowstone Supervolcano

Thousands of people vacation at Yellowstone National Park every year. The scenery, the animals, the peace and tranquility keep people coming back in droves. One summer, in the height of tourist season, the unthinkable happens. The Yellowstone Caldera, or Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts. Immediately, almost 100,000 people are dead, and even more are injured. The eruption triggers mass hysteria and chaos, amid reports of a nuclear winter looming. The amount of volcanic ash released is unlike anything ever seen in this country. The magna destroys everything in its path with its intense heat. Living 500 or so miles from the supervolcano, you decide it is time to bugout. A doomsday event of this magnitude is something most Americans are unprepared for, but not you, you have been a prepper for years. Stockpiling the equipment you need for events such as this one. Eyeing your supplies, you wonder if you prepared enough for this event. Will your masks last long enough to save your lungs from long-term ash inhalation? Are your water purification supplies enough to last, and to clean this amount of contamination from your water? Will you be able to plant anything in the ground long-term, or is your current food supply all you have to rely on? Only time will tell, but preparation is ongoing thing that preppers work on constantly, even during the SHTF event in which they are surviving.

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