Prepping for a Wild Fire

The news has been nothing but wild fire stories for the past week. The flame has consumed homes, businesses, and lives have been lost. The prepper instinct is to leave, but evacuation is more dangerous than staying at this point. No roads are accessible for leaving the area. The fire has circled a perimeter around yours and surrounding neighborhoods, leaving evacuation virtually impossible by car. Evaluating your prepper supplies, you have extinguishers, fire blankets, and fire retardant materials recommended by Firewise. Your preparedness will be the difference between losing your home and life, and surviving this SHTF event. The survivalist in you wants to bugout, but leaving your home at this point would create a greater hazard. The prepper supplies you have stockpiled will help you defend yourself and your home from threat of fire. The radios keep you informed on the progress of fighting the wildfire. Within a few days, the fire is contained, and you are safe. You utilized your stockpiled food and water supplies. The flames came close, but the perimeter you created utilizing your preparedness gear was effective in maintaining your safety.

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