Prepping for a Tsunami

A tsunami is created by an underwater earthquake, often in subduction zones, like Cascadia, where one tectonic plate slides under another. The threat of tsunami is great coastline areas where seismic activity is high. Tsunamis come fast and furiously, often with little to no warning for laymen. Not much time is allotted for preparedness after the underwater earthquake. Imagine a wall of water attacking out of nowhere. Working one morning, you feel the faint shake of the ground. The weather service is reporting an earthquake off the coast. Being a prepper, you have supplies and gear ready for any evacuation necessity. A tsunami warning is activated, and your preparedness is vital. Assessing the supplies in the stockpile, the food, water, and medicinal items should be adequate for survival. But the house must be protected from the wall of water coming. The prepper in you has been stockpiling sandbags for just this SHTF event. A wall has been created in hopes of defending the house from the onslaught of mother nature. The tsunami may not be completely deterred by sandbags, but they help in rerouting the water enough to mitigate the damage associated with the tsunami. Evacuation is not always possible, nor is it always wise. The prepper knows how to assess situations to determine whether it is a bugout event, or a hunker down and wait it out event. Doomsday comes in many forms, and preparing is the best defense in each case.

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