Prepping for a Tornado

The look of the clouds and the color of the sky tell you a tornado is forming. Being a prepper, you are prepared for almost any event and this is no different. A tornado can be a SHTF event, depending on the size of the storm, and the preparedness of those enduring that storm. Heading inside, you gather your family and the necessary gear and head down into the basement. The storm rages, windows shatter and glass flies everywhere. Thankfully you put padding around for just such an occurrence. Preparedness is your greatest ally in this war with the weather. As the twister passes, you can hear the onslaught to your belongings upstairs, but the important aspect is the safety of your family down here. The storm passes, and in total 3 tornadoes have passed through your immediate area. The damage to your home is extensive. As a survivalist, you utilize your first-aid kits to help hurt neighbors until medical professionals can arrive. Assessing the damage, the debris lying on the ground paints a picture of destruction, devastation. But your family survived thanks to your prepper skills, and knowledge of how to execute an effective plan for doomsday events. The right gear and know-how make all the difference in the world. The next few days, or possibly weeks, will be spent utilizing your food stockpile, and clean water supply, as the emergency teams roll through and the cleanup begins.

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