Prepping for a Terrorist Attack

The United States has experienced some traumatic terrorist attacks. Preppers began preparing for these far ahead of September 11, 2001. The attack on American soil was an eye-opening SHTF event in which we realized the vulnerability of our country. Today, you sit in your office, waiting for your 11:00 am meeting. At 10:48, the building begins to shake, some of the windows break. A black plume of smoke fills the sky outside your window, which has cracked. Reports start filtering in of a terrorist attack downtown, just a few miles away. One car bomb exploded, and a subsequent explosion has occurred. Another blast goes off, closer this time. All the windows shatter, and you are rocked onto the floor from your chair. Chaos ensues as everyone tries to evacuate, running for their vehicles. Arriving home, you go straight for your gear. Prepping always got you funny looks from friends and family, but now you know for certain you were on the right track. Bugging out, everything is packed, and you can live comfortably in the wilderness for months. No map is required as you speed down the road as far in the opposite direction of the explosions as possible. Another blast, but you are out of town by now, heading to the safety of your homestead. No terrorist will find you where you are going, and the only thing that could possibly touch you is a horrific nuclear disaster, for which you are also prepared.

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