Prepping for a Superstorm

A storm is brewing in the atmosphere, but not just any storm. It is a superstorm, and the SHFT event for which you have been planning. Preppers have a SHTFplan for most potential catastrophic events, you check your gear and stockpiles. The storm will bring flooding, loss of power, loss of life. A storm of this magnitude has the potential to cause an EMP, taking the area off the power grid completely. A secondary event, such as this, is likely to cause chaos, and panic among the population. The gear you have will sustain you, but for how long. Dry goods supplies will go quickly, batteries for flashlights will run out, and the potable water supply will not last long-term. The impact of a superstorm will have preppers in their survivalist mode for a while. Running through mental checklists, you check off everything you know is necessary, flares, water purification supplies, food. The winds are howling now, the rain is starting, too late to think about bugging out. Outside, branches are swaying, and being compromised under the increasingly intense conditions. Quickly, you move yourself and your gear to the safest part of your home. The power goes out, and so it begins. Looters will come, looking for items to steal and sell for money to buy food and water, or looking for supplies for their own survival. Defending your home and your belongings from the storm is only one aspect of this doomsday event. The flashlight illuminates the room, and outside you hear a tree fall. The winds are howling so loud you can barely hear anything that is not storm related. Sitting and waiting, you take solace in the knowledge you made the best preparations possible, and if there is hope of surviving this storm, you will succeed.

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