Prepping for a Suitcase Bomb

After the bombings carried out by radical groups and the admissions by rogue non-state actors, your prepper stockpiles began focusing on how to handle a suitcase bomb. Terrorist events occur regularly, bombs are going off almost anywhere. The FBI is overloaded with leads, tips, potential dirty bomb reportings. What happens when the SHTF and one of these bombs is set off too close to home? Preparation allows for bugging out, and moving, undetected into the wilderness. Radiation measurement equipment, water purification tools, gear for camping, climbing and a vast food supply, all of these are at your fingertips. When the doomsday event happens a few hundred miles away, you bug out. Leaving modern day society is not even a second thought. Nukes in your backyard are not what you signed up for, and if that is what society has degenerated to, it is evacuation time. The last thing you are waiting around for is a nuclear warhead through your window. The days are spent monitoring world events over the radio waves, checking the radiation levels in the water and soil you are growing your vegetables in, and maintaining your campsite’s security from intruders. While this is not the life you always envisioned as a child, it is the best life you can provide yourself now, and ensure your survival.

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