Prepping for a Solar Flare

During an interview, you hear John Kappenman speaking about threat of solar flare. Listening, you start thinking about your prepper gear and supplies, wondering if you have the survival ability to handle solar flare. Would you be able to survive completely off the power grid? The following month, an EMP hits the area, and the ultimate SHTF event has hit. A geomagnetic occurrence has caused an electromagnetic disturbance. No electricity, no cell phones, and society is thrown backwards a couple hundred years in an instant. Bugging out seems to be the best option, so you pack up your supplies, and head out. Thankfully, you have a supply of gasoline that will get you to your homestead location, because even gas pumps are rendered useless at this point. Arriving in the new location, you set up camp and quickly feel more at ease, getting back to nature is good for the prepper soul. Certainly no electromagnetic emergency will get the best of you and your survivalist plans. A few adjustments need to be made in order to accommodate this doomsday event, but living off the land and ensuring the land in which you live off was your plan all along. Geomagnetic activity or not, you have food, clean water, and clean air, for the time being.

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