Prepping for a Nuclear Disaster

The nuclear plant 100 miles from your home has experienced a meltdown. This is the doomsday event you have been preparing for the last few months. It is time to bugout and rely on your survivalist skills and supplies. Have you prepared adequately? Going through your gear, you look at your dosimeter, something you never thought you would need, but now, keeping an eye on the amount of radiation your body absorbs is vital. A SHTF moment, such as this, always seemed close but never really certain, until now. The fallout from this event is catastrophic, as lives are lost, and the environment is impacted in a way it may never fully recover from in the future. Right now, your biggest goal as a prepper is surviving the doomsday upon you and making it to safety. Assessing your map, you wonder if your designated homesteading camp will be free enough from radioactivity for use. Not much time for replanning now, as your preppers’ instinct is screaming at you to run now. Leaving home, you look make a mental checklist of your nuclear fallout gear. The iodide and iodine you will need to keep your thyroid radiation free, and to clean your water. The gear necessary to assess the radiation levels of the ground you will be growing your vegetables in for the future, and the prepping equipment you need for daily survival. Everything is ready, you just hope you are as prepared as your equipment.

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