Prepping for a Nuclear Attack

The worst case scenario has become reality, a nuclear attack has occurred. The world and its thin string of peace has broken, and utter chaos ensues. Radiation levels soar, reports are broadcast of deaths, looting, and a complete meltdown has been set off. As a prepper, this is precisely what you have been preparing for over the last several years. Stockpiling things like iodide tablets, food, water, tools like a dosimeter. The only question now left is whether or not your preparation skills will be enough to ensure survival. In this doomsday situation, will the radiation be too much for you to combat, or will there be further fall out, more attacks? The survivalist in you says run, bugout, and never look back. The potassium iodine tablets, masks, and various other items you have for this SHTF situation will be enough to maintain your survival. Leaving your home behind, you opt for life in the wilderness, hoping to survive until... until what is yet to be seen. Setting up a new homestead, the water supply has been checked and treated, the food supply secured, the shelter you now call home set up and secured. The new homestead you have set up is exactly how you imagined bugging out. The world may be raging, but you are surviving and thriving in your new world, and hopefully for a long time to come.

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