Prepping for a New Madrid Earthquake

An earthquake magnitude 7.3 hits America’s heartland along the New Madrid fault. Your home is rocked, the foundation cracked, and walls buckling. It is obvious evacuation is the only viable option, but to where? Fleeing into the wilderness will not protect you from another earthquake, or the aftershocks you already feel rumbling. As a prepper, you are well supplied for any emergency, so you pack your gear, food, and other supplies and head out for a new homestead. Your SHTFplan is in place and you feel confident in your ability to carry it out successfully. Over the radio you hear the NSGS report seismic activity continues, although you are further and further away by the minute. You set up camp in the Mark Twain National Forest, and continue to listen to the reports back home. FEMA has reported many deaths, homes lost, and severe power and water outages, gas leaks. Setting up camp, you look around, clean water, hot food, and safety under the stars. Bugging out was the right plan in this case.

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