Prepping for a Flash Flood

Flash floods occur without warning, therefore a prepper must be prepared before the SHTF and rushing water is sweeping away camp. Homesteaders can look to authors like Slavo and Tess Pennington, for guidance a SHTFplan dealing with flash floods. Survival requires quick action, and possibly abandoning gear and food in favor of saving yourself and your family. Perhaps you are sitting at camp, listening to your weather radio and hear the flash flood warning. You put together a small amount of gear in your packs, and move to higher ground, climbing the rock wall nearby to a higher elevation. Within an hour of moving you hear rushing water. Below, you see a wall of water making its way through the wilderness. Camp gear, some water tanks, and food that you were unable to secure, go floating by, washed away by the intense waters. Your evacuation has ensured your survival, but now, you have to rebuild supplies. The term survivalist now takes on a new meaning, as your prepper supplies have decreased. However, knowledge, and skill is something no flood can rob you of, and that is what you will use to survive and thrive again.

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