Prepping for a Dirty Bomb

A dirty bomb has been detonated in a major city nearby. The radiological substances used are contaminating the air, water, and everyone in their way. As a prepper, you have been preparing for a SHTF moment such as this very one. Bugging out, and heading as far into uninhabited land is your first plan of action. What if it is not far enough? The toxification of the water supply means the radioactive substances will travel quickly, poisoning streams and rivers quickly. Additional bombs are a danger as well, possibly closer ones, and there is no way of knowing when or where they will detonate. Your stockpile contains nukepills, and various decontamination methods, to treat the increased radiation of soil and water at your new homestead. A mask is worn regularly in case of airborne toxins. This doomsday event has triggered your inner survivalist. The world may be falling apart, but you are holding your life together.

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