Prepping for a Dam Failure

The river dam upstream from your home has failed. The spillway was compromised and now the SHTF. Crews are working non-stop to mitigate the damage and impact of this event, but a wall of water has been released upon the area. Prepping has taught you to be prepared for any type of event, including this one. Your prepper skills jump into hyperdrive as you wonder if this will rival Oroville, and the looting and chaos that ensued with that event. The dam failure has the potential for doomsday level impact, with loss of lives, homes, businesses. At this point evacuation is pointless, as it is more dangerous to wander into the wilderness than to hunker down at home and rely on preparedness for survival. Utilizing your sandbag supply, you create a wall close to your home. The pantry is fully stocked, with prepper food and regular food. You fill your water tanks and bathtub with water in case your water supply is compromised. Listening to the weather stations, all you can do is wait and watch. The water comes gushing down the road. The sandbags hold nicely, not necessarily blocking the water completely, but creating a detour. The water is blocked enough to keep your home from extensive damage. The power is out, the water supply is compromised, and the lower level of your home has flooded to a degree. Moving your supplies upstairs, you are able to survive until the water subsides, and crews come in to help with cleanup.

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