Prepping for a Comet Collision

A comet that was predicted to flyby Earth, close to the United States, has collided with the planet instead. The aftermath is an EMP, and complete chaos. People are rioting and looting, demanding answers and help from FEMA. With the country completely off the power grid, and tensions at an all-time high, bugging out seems the best option. Preppers everywhere are bugging out, and you are too. Leaving home for parts uncivilized, for now. On the radio scientists are describing the cometary coma seen prior to impact. The scientists are focused on the crater size, and astronomers are speaking on calculating the probability of this event. The fact is, it has happened, and the effects of the doomsday event are catastrophic. The focus now is on survival. The government is scrambling to protect borders from any terrorist attack while we are vulnerable. NASA is working to see the impact on Earth from space and explore any possibility of more comet or asteroid impact. The local governments are scrambling for access to clean water, helping the injured, and trying to regain control amidst chaos. You, are at your campsite, preparing for a long-term stay. Do you have the supplies you need to be completely off-grid for the duration? No gas, no power, no water beyond what you can collect and purify yourself, and no food but for your supply. Are you prepared to weather one of the greatest astronomical events of all time?

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