Prepping for a Chemical Weapons Attack

The SHTF and we are under chemical weapons attack. Thankfully, as a prepper, you have CBRN defense skills. This doomsday event is one you have been preparing for the last several months. Stockpiling food, gas masks, water, and other gear and supplies. Prepper knowledge of chemical and biological attack capabilities gave you a jumpstart in personal preparation. While others were arguing over whether or not Trump would start a world war, you were prepping for the doomsday event regardless of the initiator. An emp on the area was just what the enemy needed to create a vulnerability in our systems. The vulnerability allowed for a chemical attack on our soil, because once off the grid, we are completely open to chemical, or biological attack. The masks are worn nonstop now, because you know chemicals like sarin are odorless and colorless, but wreak neurological damage that is catastrophic. The only food and water you consume is from your own supply. The prepper that you are has stockpiled soil and seeds at your homestead in order to safely grow more vegetables for the future. Prepping is the best defense possibly employed, utilizing the gear and supplies necessary for survival.

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