Prepping for a California Earthquake

Living in California has always meant threat of dealing with earthquakes. But what happens when one of massive magnitude hits and compromises the entire state of California? An underwater earthquake involving subduction, when one tectonic plate slides under another, will create a tsunami. This is one way in which California can be impacted by earthquake in devastating proportions. The aftershocks, and and magnitude could render California underwater almost entirely. What preparations have you made to survive a massive California earthquake? Do you have a homestead to retreat to, do you have prepper supplies for survival during this type of SHTF event? Your home has been washed away by tsunami, after the earthquake, and seismologists cannot say it is over, the worst may be yet to come. Preppers bugout and head for safer ground, then set up homestead away from the danger zone. The San Andreas fault has already proven to be unstable and produces volatile earthquakes. The danger of a doomsday earthquake hitting California increases over time with greater seismic activity.

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