Prepping for a Blizzard

Winter came early this year. The snowstorm outside is gorgeous, but it sure is a lot of snow. You go out to shovel a few times, but eventually you go to bed. The next morning you wake up, it is freezing inside, the power is out. Looking outside you see nothing but snow. It is still snowing, a blizzard. Over two feet already accumulated, and the blizzard is raging. With the power already out, it will be quite some time until help arrives. Being a prepper will come in handy in this situation. Your homestead is equipped with a wood stove, but you have to access your wood supply. Preppers always have a wealth of supplies, and you are no exception. Grabbing the flashlights, you head to the garage, Inside is a generator, shovels, some wood, and space heaters. Quickly, you set yourself up with some warmth from the wood stove, and cook some breakfast, using food from your food stockpile. Any goods that need refrigeration have been put outside, to avoid spoilage. This storm is brutal, but being a survivalist helps you make it through with ease. The right supplies and the right know-how are the perfect combination for survival of any event.

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