Prepping for a Blackout

A blackout can be a minor inconvenience, or a SHTF event. It depends on the cause of the blackout, the duration, and any other systems impacted such as water and food. A massive blackout lasting long-term, means it is time to break out the prepper supplies and secure the perimeter of your home. The loss of power means no refrigerator, or other electricity based tools without a generator. During a blackout you become a target for looters, and other desperate people looking to rob you of goods or supplies they do not have and are desperate to find. You hear a noise outside, grabbing your pistol, you go explore the origin of the noise. Finding yourself face to face with an armed intruder, do you shoot him? Can you see well enough in the dark to hit him before he hits you? Do you have an adequate ammo supply for the next time this happens, because more will come. If the blackout lasts long, do you have enough candles? Do you have extra wicks to make more candles? The preparedness you display will make or break your chances of survival during this time.

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