Prepping for a Biological Weapons Attack

In this day and age, the potential for biological attack is at its highest. Biological warfare agents, such as anthrax and ricin, create the possibility for pandemic situations involving smallpox, bubonic plague, and severe influenza-like diseases. Preppers stockpile respirators and gas masks for these types of SHTF events. Imagine you are at a park with your family when a biological weapon hits. The air and water are compromised immediately. The greatest defense available is a mask, and stored water supply. In the moments after the attack it is vital that preppers access those stored masks quickly, in order to prevent toxins from harming the body. Being prepared, you have masks in your vehicle, and before bugging out from the park the masks are securely on you and your family members. Evacuation may or may not be viable, and the prepper needs to assess this situation. The choice to stay is not easy, but you are a survivalist, and the best chance at survival in this doomsday situation is to hunker down in your homestead and defend yourself, your family, and your supplies. Prepping not only requires stockpiling of goods, but also plans in dealing with every situation survivalists may face.

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