Prepper Zombie Squad

The people in your life thought you were paranoid enough when you became a prepper in the first place. Now, after joining Zombie Squad, and they are seriously looking at you funny. But those same people will be begging for your help when the SHTF and Zombie Squad is the only thing standing between them and a zombie apocalypse. Proudly, you wear your zombie hunter t-shirt while packing your supplies. On the radio, the news breaks in on the music playing to announce a major SHTF event. At a nuclear plant nearby there has been some sort of event the government is trying to downplay. The news reports some ill effect on the workers, but will not give details. Local authorities are urging people to stay indoors, locked and secured until otherwise notified. You know this plant, it is 25 or so miles away. You grab your zombie prepper bag, and suit up in your gear. Gloves, blades of various types,  The lack of information shared by the government has you feeling nervous about the actual intensity of this event. Outside you see someone, or something, hobbling down the street. The disaster at the nuclear plant has caused the workers to turn into these zombie creatures, tainted with chemicals and radiation. Grabbing your sword, and strapping on a few daggers, you walk outside, and transform into the zombiehunter prepper everyone previously thought ridiculous, but now is looking to for protection.

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