Prepper Water

The body is comprised primarily of water. Water keeps your joints healthy, the ones used constantly to hike, walk, chop wood, or any movement you make. Water is one of the most important resources in the modern world, and preppers are best served to make certain they stockpile a vast supply of clean, potable water. When the SHTF how are you going to maintain your hydration level after you bug out? Consider this, you are at your homestead site. After a day hiking and foraging for food, you return to camp and go for water. You stand, looking at your water tanks realizing this is not enough supply to last more than another week or so. Are you equipped to replenish your supply? Water tanks, iodide tablets, and chlorine are all supplies that preppers should be knowledgeable about, and have adequate supply of, in order to survive. Without adequate water the body will begin to shut down physically, mentally, and emotionally within three days. Preppers commonly utilize supplies such as rainwater collection tanks, aquapods, and water bricks to collect water. Collecting water is not enough. Imagine you spend hours and hours collecting water only to become sick with dysentery because it is not clean enough to drink. Wasted time, effort, and now potential death from disease, all of which is avoidable with the right products. Simple-to-use water purification tablets make collected water potable. Do not let your preparation efforts go to waste because of a neglected water supply.

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