Prepper Water Storage

A category 4 hurricane is barrelling towards your home. The area has been evacuated, but you made the decision to ride it out.The house is boarded and secured. A prepper by nature, your stockpile has enough rations to keep you sustained for months. Equipment has been organized, and you feel ready and confident about weathering the storm. However, what about your water supply? Do you have stackable water tanks? Do you have a method for turning greywater into drinking water if necessary? Collecting rainwater during the storm in outdoor cisterns would be great, but are you prepared to purify this collected water? What happens if the storm creates a secondary emergency in which the surrounding groundwater is compromised, such as destroying the tanks of a gas station causing the fuel supply to flood the area’s groundwater? Arm yourself with the proper purifiers and items like chlorine, and water purification tablets to clean gallons of water for containers of potable drinking water. Keep yourself sustained, not only through the storm, but through the aftermath and clean-up as well.

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