Prepper Water Purification

A nuclear meltdown has occurred, and doomsday is all but upon the area. You bugged out months ago when another SHTF event occurred. Your campsite is located right along the river. The nuclear plant is upstream from your camp, located on a tributary of the same river you are camping along. The river water is no longer safe to drink, or fish. Being a vigilant prepper, you trek to a nearby lake, and fill your  aquamira, sawyer, or katadyn with water. Hiking back to camp, you cannot stop thinking about the microns in that water. You have a Lifestraw back at camp, but that is not enough. Preppers need to be able to purify water in order to ensure healthy, potable drinking water. A microfilter, purification tablets, and hypochlorite are very useful in aiding the survivalist in removing contaminants from water. You quickly access your iodine tablets, microfilter, and various other water purification items. Drinking dirty water is not on your list of things to try. Contaminated water leads to dysentery, consumption of pathogens, and other organisms causing illness or potential death. Diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and eventual death are all dangers of drinking dirty water. Water purification is a vital prepper skill, and the tools to accomplish purification are simple, easy to use, and often very easily packed in a stockpile. Do not risk yourself or your family’s health by drinking contaminated water.

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