Prepper Water Filtration

As a prepper, a personal water supply is vital for existence. The body can only last three days without water. During those three days the body will experience symptoms of dehydration such as fatigue, brain fog, headache, and dizziness as it begins to shut down. Surviving doomsday is challenging enough, but add dehydration and the odds lessen significantly. However, preppers need to be careful about the cleanliness of drinking water because not all water is the same.  Ensuring that water is purified, clean, potable water is vital. Bugging out requires stockpiling clean water for consumption, in addition to having the capabilities to filter more water to maintain a healthy supply. What filtration methods will you employ? You are out hiking and underestimated how much water you would need. At the closest stream you collect water in your bladder system, and use a lifestraw, iodide tablets, katadyn, or some other method of filtration for small water supplies. Without use of these filtration items you are leaving yourself prey to deadly bacteria and harmful illness. Drinking dirty water can give you dysentery, diarrhea, and even kill you. Back at camp, other methods are employed for larger water supplies such as an aquamira, berkey, or sawyer filtration system. Employing a filtration system to rid water of protozoa, bacteria, and other harmful items is absolutely necessary.

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