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You are a prepper who bugged out a month ago when the SHTF. Surviving on your food stockpile has been your primary source of vitamins and nutrients. Lately, you have been feeling a little weak, fatigued. You recognize this feeling, the feeling of sickness taking over your immune system slowly. Typically, right now you would make a doctor appointment, but preppers are their own doctors. You reach for vitamins, elderberry, and some ginseng. Within a day or so you feel your energy coming back as nature’s medicines kick in and your immune system boosts. Within a few days you hear over your radio that there has been a nuclear plant breech at the plant about 75 miles away. That plant sits up river of your campsite, and the idea of your water supply becoming toxic terrifies you. Thankfully, you have prepared not just for everyday illness, but also for radioactive catastrophe. You begin taking your iodide tablets, the prepper’s supplement for thyroid protection from radiation, and treat your water for any possible contamination. Preppers do not only stock every-day use supplements for immune health, but also supplements like iodine for survival. Ensure your health and well-being, as well as preparedness for nuclear disaster.

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