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In our society, preppers are often mistaken with those who hoard. Preparing for a SHTF event is not the same as hoarding things, this is strategically planning for events and stockpiling those items necessary for survival. When a natural disaster hits, survivalists are prepared with supplies like food, clean water, medical kits, flashlights, and various pieces of gear for bugging out. Preppers are stockpiled with items to handle such doomsday events as nuclear attack, EMP, and weather emergencies. A prepper stockpile contains communications equipment, camping and climbing gear, dry goods, canned goods, first-aid equipment, and much more. When an earthquake hits, and the area loses access to the power grid completely, the prepper is ready. The survivalist secures the perimeter of his homestead, and uses the stockpiled supplies to survive. Communications, such as radios, antennas, and walkie talkies are used to communicate with the outside world, or just keep abreast of what is happening. Water purification tablets, potassium iodide, aid the prepper in maintaining a potable water supply to live. Dry goods provide sustenance, and keep the prepper energized to weather the emergency. Medical supplies and first-aid kits allow for treating injuries and illness when faced with no access to medical professionals. The prepper lifestyle is not about hoarding, but rather, preparing oneself with the goods and knowledge necessary to survive without outside assistance in any situation.

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