Prepper Shelter

Some people may think  prepping is basically planning for a long campout. However, a prepper is prepared for when the SHTF in society and it is time to move off the grid completely. What would you do if a war broke out on our soil? Would you have the wherewithal to set up a homestead in the wilderness? Imagine, you flee your home with some basic supplies and a tent, is that enough to make it through a week, let alone months, or years? Could you build a bunker to protect yourself from intruders? The type of shelters preppers use vary depending upon things like terrain and what materials the prepper prefers. Some preppers prefer to create underground shelters, while others prefer anything that sets up quickly and easily. One thing remains constant, a shelter is necessary for any prepper. Some may be fortified for increased safety or stability. Some house vaults with a prepper’s valuable belongings. Whatever the use, size, or material, shelter is an aspect of prepping not to be forgotten.

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