Prepper Self-Defense

You are safely tucked away in your tent when you hear a strange noise. A rustling in the trees and some twigs snapping much too close to your campsite. What sort of protection have you prepared for self-defense purposes? It is not uncommon for a prepper to employ several means of defending camp and person. Whether a shotgun, pistol or mace, you should have some sort of weaponry with which to protect your homestead. You exit the tent to find a deer too close to your food supply. This may not have been the life or death situation you feared, but what happens when the SHTF and that sound is an intruder? Are you familiar with krav maga? Could you defend yourself in hand to hand combat? Have you ever fired that Remington you keep hidden away for just such an intruder? Preppers’ preparedness means the difference between survival and a deadly ending. Stockpile the weapons, ammo, and defense materials you need to give yourself an edge above your attacker.

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