Prepper Saftey

The SHTF and you have bugged out into the wilderness. You feel safe, but how safe are you really? Preppers are well-supplied, and knowledgeable survivalists, but what happens when nature attacks, or worse, fellow man? Have you considered your safety in your preparations? What if the attack comes in the form of natural disaster? The river you set up camp near is flooding from the days of rain. You cannot move your gear and stockpile fast enough. Do you have sandbags prepped to protect your shelter? Do you have trenches dug? Will your tent collapse under the weight of the water that has fallen? Or perhaps a lone stranger has wandered into your camp. Do you have a weapon in case you need to protect yourself? Do you have sterile medical supplies to help in case he is wandering around injured? You are climbing some rocks and fall, hitting your head on a rock. Your survivalist partner can fashion a stretcher out of paracord and logs, if you are prepared. A prepper is stocked for various scenarios, and that preparedness ensures your survival.

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