Prepper Protection

Bugging out is supposed to be an escape from the dangers threatening everyday life. You set up camp, organize all your supplies, and just as you begin to relax, your campsite is under attack by an armed intruder.. A physical attack on your person is terrifying, and in survival mode it is every man for himself. As a prepper, you should be prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your belongings. Do not allow ill-preparation to compromise your safety. The intruder has trespassed onto your homestead and this is a SHTF moment that requires aggressive defense. Fortify your ammo, pistol, and shotgun supplies. Do not allow yourself to be robbed of your food, or tools, and more so your feeling of safety. In your home, it is as simple as locking a deadbolt, but out here in the wilderness, it takes a great deal more thought and preparation to avoid being robbed. You have worked too hard, and too long stockpiling to lose everything from a lack of safety preparation. Cover all your bases and be ready to use every means necessary to defend your life, and your loved ones. Prepare for future potential attacks as well, utilizing methods such as sandbags or barbed wire to fortify the campsite perimeter.

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