Prepper Power Sources

Going off the grid means providing your own power grid supply. Do you have a generator, an alternator, or enough batteries? Is that enough to power you for a long-term homesteading situation? What will you do if you run out of power in order to survive? Providing power to your campsite may involve stocking an inverter, to provide electricity. Preppers should consider things like voltage, watts, and kwh of equipment when looking at primary or secondary sources of power. Can solar energy be harnessed and utilized in your camp? A gasifier can turn organic compost into a usable energy source. Have you ever used or even seen a gasifier? Do not wait until doomsday to figure out how to use it properly. Modern science has created many tools and gear that can provide power in wilderness situations. When the SHTF a prepper needs to have a plan of action, and the equipment necessary to facilitate that plan, for providing power. Part of the plan is configuring which powering methods, and which sources are best suited for your prepper needs.

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