Prepper Medical Supplies

When checking items off your prepper checklist, medical supplies are a must have. When the SHTF there is no running to the doctor, and in case of emergency it is up to you to treat wounds or injuries. A well-stocked medical kit includes items such as antibiotics, wound dressing, suturing supplies, and medication like anti-diarrheals, aspirin, diphenhydramine. Preppers need to be prepared for all aspects of bugging out. An ifak is a great item to pack for hikes and short trips, while a campsite requires a larger supply of medical goods. Each kit should have its own supplies, and not share a stock between first-aid gear. You never know what type of injuries can be sustained while bugging out. A fall, a cut, or a head injury could occur easily while bugging out.  It is pertinent to have the necessary medical supplies for any survival-related injury. Basic first-aid skills and supplies can make the difference between an injury being an annoyance, and it becoming a life-threatening issue.

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