Prepper Hunting

When the SHTF, you may have to rely on hunting for a source of food. It is the fastest, easiest way to maintain a meat-based protein source. But you cannot just go out into the wilderness and expect you kill a deer, or some large game. As a prepper, you must prepare with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. Hunting requires skill, gear, and practice. Tried and true techniques make hunters successful.  Preparing yourself with the best in hunting gear is the first step in a successful hunt. Stockpile items like rifles, bows and arrows, and even airguns in order to succeed at hunting for your food. Deer, rabbits, and possum provide meat for preppers out in the wilderness. Survival depends on food, and food comes from many different sources.  Bow hunting requires great skill, but is often chosen more often than rifle hunting, Hunted meat can be used to barter with other survivalists. Whether you eat it all yourself or trade it with others for goods you need, hunting is a great skill for preppers.

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