Prepper Health

It is time to bug out. The SHTF and World War III is all but in your backyard. Being the ever-diligent prepper, you have stockpiled food, water, and shelter supplies. But what about caring for your health while out in the wilderness? It is spring and your seasonal allergies are acting up more than ever now that you live in the environment to which you are allergic. How will you treat this bout of sinusitis? Perhaps, you eat a food you are unaccustomed to and become ill with diarrhea and upset stomach. Do you have an anti-diarrheal packed in your supplies?Do you have a vitamin supply to ensure you are getting the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients every day? Many illnesses have organic methods of treatment. Do you know these methods, or have supplies such as using peppermint to treat nausea and upset stomach? In order to better your survival chances, being prepared for health needs is a must for any prepper. Treating foodborne, airborne, or impure water related illnesses is an ability every prepper must have. When in the wilderness, any simple illness can balloon into a much larger problem, and compromise your health in a large way. Whether you pack antibiotics to travel with, or research natural treatment methods, you must be prepared with the supplies you need to act as your own doctor.

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