Prepper Food

The SHTF and it is bug out time. Leaving behind your home and belongings is the hardest thing you have ever done. Although, losing your loved ones would make that pale in comparison. White-knuckled in your SUV, prepper equipment strapped to the roof, you fight the urge to panic. Within minutes your youngest child chimes up from the back seat, she is hungry. Hunger, takes you to your food stockpile. Have you packed enough? How long will this supply last? Are you absolutely prepared for long-term survival off the grid, feeding your family every meal of every day? It is mental checklist time, you have dried goods, canned, powdered, and a foodsaver for dehydration. You have a Life Straw for water, and food kits of varying meal types, with family-size servings included. The body can last three weeks without food in starvation mode, but how will you sustain your energy in those weeks? The goal is to not go without food at all. Needing to bug out means the world is falling apart, not you and your family. It is your job to ensure their safety and well-being, food supply preparedness is part of that job. The prepper food stockpile can make or break your survival, so be sure you have the best supplies, the highest quality foods for preppers. The goal is to survive and thrive in this situation, and that requires the best preparation possible.

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