Prepper Fishing

The SHTF and you are bugging out in order to survive. As a prepper, you have a well stocked supply of food and gear. You never were one for hunting, but you could if it meant eating or not. With a doomsday situation here, you leave society for a survivalist lifestyle. Fishing becomes a big part of your food supply, because it is easier than hunting, more relaxing, and the catch is high quality protein. While you have snares in case you want to try your hand at catching a rabbit, you much prefer fishing. But do you have all the supplies you need to fish for the foreseeable future? Do you have enough sinkers, hooks, and bobbers? What will you use long term for bait? The fishing kit of a prepper is an important item to keep well stocked. Your campsite should be near water to keep your water supply flowing, but while you are close by make sure to utilize all the potential that water has to offer, and catch some high quality food, trout, catfish, and flounder all make great meals.

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