Prepper First-Aid

You are cleaning a deer, the first game you hunted for the season. While cleaning the animal you slice your hand open. You stand still for a moment, bleeding profusely and realize this wound is deep, and requires immediate attention. No emergency room exists in the wilderness. You are the emergency room. The first-aid skills and supplies are all you have to work with in order to handle this situation. What supplies do you have stocked? First-aid kits are common in modern day homes. When you decide to bug out, a well-stocked first-aid kit is vital for every prepper stockpile. A great ifak is necessary, as well as a larger kit with supplies like sutures, tourniquet, vetbond, iodine, and gauze. The preparedness to dress a burn or wound is a must-have as well, and that starts with a medic kit that is organized and well-supplied. Do not be caught out in the wilderness short on supplies. Bugging out means exposing yourself to potential hazards, and preparation is the only way to combat those hazards. Burns from the campfire, cuts from chopping wood, twisted or broken ankles from hiking are just a few of the emergent situations you can expect, have the tools and the knowledge to deal with each.

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