Prepper Farming

A prepper is a planner, and farming requires great planning. Deciding to leave modern society in favor of a homesteaders lifestyle is a big decision, even for preppers. Prepare yourself with the proper tools for farming. Society has taken a turn for the worse. Homesteading is the only viable way in which to ensure your family’s survival. Preparing yourself with seeds, and a plot of land on which to plant is not enough to guarantee a thriving farm. In order to succeed, use the best seeds, fertilizers, and compost as possible. When you bugout, you have to be sure you know how to keep the bugs out of your garden vegetables, herbs, and other plants. How will you deter hungry rabbits? Do you know how to maintain healthy soil for long-term crop growth? Farming is a serious, full-time endeavor. It goes far beyond planting some seeds and waiting for them to give you food. Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to not just survive, but thrive with a healthy farm full of food for you and your family. Do you want to include livestock on your farm? Do you know what is required to care for goats, cows, or other animals? Do not allow your farm to collapse, ruining your family’s future. Prepare yourself for the worst, and plan to have the best.

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