Prepper Dry Goods

Dry goods are a necessity for every prepper, but it is not enough to purchase packaged foods and stockpile them away. Michael bugged out several months ago. He has reached the end of his pre-packaged dry goods supply. At this point, he has planted a garden and his plants are now producing. Michael has also been hunting and trapping game. By utilizing his dehydrator, he maintains his dry good supply using his own skills. Plus, he can save what he does not eat now, for the future, lessening the frequency of time he needs to spend hunting and growing food. Use of tools, such as a foodsaver, is important in food supply replenishment. Canning, mylar bag storage, and repackaging goods are vital in ensuring the adequate use of the food supply. No prepper wants to waste anything, let alone food. Ramen might be cheap in modern society, but once you are in the wilderness it is unavailable. However, you can use flour and water to create your own pasta to package. In packing flour perhaps consider absorbers to ensure the flour stays dry. Many factors require consideration when prepping a dry goods supply. Maintaining, resupplying, and organizing your dry goods is a vital aspect of your prepper lifestyle.

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