Prepper Cooking

Prepping requires a wealth of tools and gadgets. When the SHTF what tools are packed for cooking food for the foreseeable future? Your family has bugged out, and you now live in a wilderness campsite. You have created a small farm, with a garden that will supply you with loads of food. While your family is skeptical and nervous about this new life, you feel confident in your prepping skills. Over time you know everyone will adapt, and will thrive as things like family meals create the same homey atmosphere your family had in the comfort of modern day home. The key is to ensure as much of the same ease of preparation for these foods you grow as home. When the plants start producing, you need tools in order to dehydrate, can, or even just cook these foods. What about drinking your morning coffee, have you packed a percolator? Do you know how to use propane tanks? Have you packed a grinder? The last thing you want to worry about when homesteading is having the proper prepper cooking tools. Survival in the wilderness requires food, and not all your food supply is dehydrated, and cooks simply by adding hot water. You want to make sure you have the best tools, and do not pack needless items. Preparedness requires planning and execution, even in the realm of cooking. Lighter, can opener, sifter, canner, and beater are just a few tools that every prepper finds useful. Do not find yourself out in the wilderness without the equipment needed to open, prepare, and eat your food. If you are homesteading long-term, you need tools to prep and store food as you replenish your supply. Do not neglect to stockpile these tools, as these are necessary for survival in your new existence.

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